“No more Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or the deadly medications associated with these curable diseases! A couple months ago my blood pressure was 230/123, my blood sugar was around 420. After being treated by the Agape team and following their simple instructions, I am 100% cured and prescription free. I truly appreciate how the staff rallied around me and was more excited and justas vested in my progress and success as I was. I highly recommend Agape Health & Fitness to anyone! “
— A.L.
“For years I haven’t been able to run because of instant shin splints! After months of treatment I was able to run and play soccer with some students of mine for 30 minutes! (Before I was able to only play for 3-5 mins. before being in pain!) It’s definitely getting better day by day!
Thank you Dr. K & Dr. B”
— K.C.
“I have MS and sure don’t need other problems. The entire staff is so friendly. This is my only doctors appointment that keeps to my time schedule. Doctors Krugly and Bradshaw explain to me what and why, and that really helps for me to continue at home. When you are told “just take pills” this is a much better way to go! Agape Health is the way to go! “
— D.I.
“Dr. Bradshaw has worked with two of my dogs. She is so great with my dogs. They felt really comfortable with her, not at all like the vet! They pretty much thought they went there to get lots of love, attention and to feel great. After we got home, I could tell how much easier they moved around and felt better “
— D.M.
“Dr. K, Dr. B & Gang,

I appreciate what you have done for me. Just think that a few months ago I couldn’t move my legs and had to be carried to get into the car. Now I’m independent again. Thank you so much,”
— S.T.
“On March 19th, 2017 I was rear ended. I was told by Andrew to come into the office and be seen by Dr. K. I was in so much pain when I arrived to the office. I had a sprained ankle, lower back pain and my right hand wasn’t functioning properly. Basically my whole right side shut down. I did treatment for about 2 months and I must say my body was back to normal within 3 weeks. I feel way better than I did before my accident. Everyone in the office is a pleasure to work with and be around. They were even wonderful with my daughter!”
— T.P